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Film & Television

"...haunting,compelling music." -- Los Angeles Times

"Although loosely considered jazz, Karl Lundeberg has expanded the concept beyond any traditional definition of the term. A refreshing jazz/classical/world music blend that transcends the generic sound of so much today." -- Christian Science Monitor

"Beautiful, touching melodies...a unique and very distinctive music." -- Morganbladet (Reykjavik, Iceland)



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Pop Songwriting

Traditional Folk

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    Osiris Battle


    Desert Burial

    Parlor Trick

    The Dungeon

    Longing Tree

    Jungle Run

    Boston Irish

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Recent Scores for Film and Television

The Osiris Chronicles: Warlord of the Galaxy
Paramount Pictures (Los Angeles)
Writer: Caleb Carr
Director: Joe Dante

Live Shot
Paramount Pictures / United Paramount Network Television (Los Angeles)
Producers: Dan Gruntzleman, Steve Marshall, Scott Brazil

Babysitter Blues
Imagine Films Entertainment (Los Angeles)
Producer: Ron Howard

Local Stigmatic
Chal Productions (New York)
Directors: Al Pacino & David Wheeler

Calvin and Hobbes Nocturne
American Film Institute (Los Angeles)

Recent Scores for Documentary Films

In Review (2005)
Still New Orleans (2006)
The Honoree (2007)
Global Green USA (New York)
Hon. Chair: Mikail Gorbachev
Director: Robert Egan

Say Brother (1990)
PBS Television / WGBH (Boston)
Director: Calvin Johnson

Solar (2007)
California Energy Commission (Los Angeles)
Director: Robert Egan

The Sorcerers: Full Circle Live at the Bottom Line NYC
CBS / Sony Pictures Entertainment
NRK Television Japan (Tokyo)

Work Dignity (2004)
Three Homies (2007)
Homeboy Industries (Los Angeles)
Director: Robert Egan

A Cure (2006)
Cure Autism Now Foundation (Los Angeles)
Hon. Chair: Stephen Stills
Director: Robert Egan